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A speech by our President Gabrielle Crump

  Last night Chances for Children Monaco was the beneficiary of the Vivanova annual gala, along with the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation and The Animal Fund. We were very proud to have 2 tables of wonderful supporters and friends with us. Here is a video of Gabrielle Crump presenting the charity and where we […]

Happy International Womens day!

This is a big shoutout to all the fabulous ladies that make this ‘family’ run every day of the year. All these girls are growing up to be fierce,fearless, determined young ladies!! Thanks to all the women that make our organization run like Mummy Jane, Amanda, Alexia, Martha, Aunts Anna and Maureen, Jemima, Sharon and Jackie. And a big shoutout to the sponsors and supporters that are giving us so much help to keep build these children’s futures. EVERY SINGLE DAY. 👭👭👭👭👭👭👭



Dance practise… so much improvement!

This evenings practice… watch to the end!! The children are improving so much… Martin has been building a cover for the children’s practice area with our local staff and the older boys!! We just need to figure out a way to drain the rain water off it now 🤔🤭… African style! #fabulous#surprise #dancing #alwaysdancing #dancingfeet […]

Another fabulous Christmas at C4C!


The children had a fabulous Christmas as Chances for Children, even though sadly their gifts from their sponsors that were sent from the Uk arrived rather late due to bad weather and customs issues! On Christmas Eve they had a great time going for a big picnic in the country with a BBQ, which they […]

A reminder of where our children started…

As the charity grows and we make small progress each day, we always see how much more we have to do. But sometimes it’s really great to look back and remember how far we have come!!! Many of our children were rescued from the slums, which we visited back in 2015. We witnessed acute poverty, […]

A Treat for the Supermen


On this rainy cold day in Monaco… I get this pics through! Our volunteer Amber has generously paid for the kids to all have chicken today as a treat because it’s Sunday and as we are nearing the end of the month cash-flow is a bit tight! Here you can see ‘ Superman’ Allan Ibra […]

Little Moses Returns from Hospital


Great news! Our little Moses finally got out of hospital yesterday!! He’s looking really well thanks to the fantastic care he had. He’s going back to his new surrogate family today and will live 4 minutes drive from our orphanage so that he can come and play with his old friends whenever he feels strong […]