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Little Moses Fights for His Life


Good morning everyone! Our little Moses who suffers from HIV was taken into the intensive care on Friday night having contracted the Maburg virus (which is like a strain of Ebola). This costs 100$/night. He has been in and out of a coma all weekend and seems to be fighting his way through as usual […]

We Have Our Monaco Bank Account


Dear friends, the moment has come….. We have our Monaco bank account!! We are so excited about this, as many of you know it’s been a long journey. We are now only several weeks away from launching our website with an online donation platform! A huge thanks to the Amelia at Société Marseillaise de Crédit […]

Kids Moved to a Bigger House!


Hi everyone! As we have now become an NGO, we are required to ask permission to move our children into their new house and to make any fundamental changes in the way we manage the orphanage. We are finally moving after so much preparation. We have finally managed to move house a couple of weeks […]

Russell and Gabi Crump Join C4C


Our charity has new Guardian Angels! Here is the timeline of some of the things they helped us with in 2014: July Russell and Gabrielle Crump got involved with His Mercy Outreach centre, helping to accommodate them as they were evicted from their previous home. They also helped to buy a 3-acre piece of farmland […]

We have our NGO Certificate


Hi everyone! After announcing that we are officially registered in Monaco last week we have more good news. We now finally have our NGO certificate in Uganda! This is just one more step on the way to become more organised, recognized and giving our kids a brighter future. Please like and share this post to […]

Donations Saved Life – Kids with HIV


As many of our friends know, we have 2 children suffering from HIV living in families nearby the hospital in Kampala. We sponsor these families to take care of Moses and Juliette, as they need to take a lot of pills and special care. Moses caught the flu 10 days ago and as his immune […]

Moving to a Modern House with Running Water


Hi everyone! We have been so busy that we haven’t had time to post for a while. We are very proud to share the news that that children are moving from their extremely basic accommodation into a new home this week. They are moving from a minute house an hour from Kampala in a very […]