About Us


Our vision is to build a permanent home for them and offer them guidance as they pursue their education and get established in life.

We believe that very child has a fundamental right to parental care, a balanced varied diet, a roof over their head, clothes to wear, an education and a nurturing environment that cultivates independence and communal responsibility.

We hope that a good percentage of our children will continue through to higher education, broaden their horizons and travel internationally.

We also plan to build partnerships with international schools outside Uganda.


56 Kids in Uganda



Gabrielle Crump and Jane Nassuna meeting in Uganda for the first time.

Our orphanage has been running for 5 years was founded by Martin Male. Martin himself was orphaned at a young age and lived on the streets of Kampala Uganda, scrounging for food and desperately fought to survive.


He was eventually given a brighter future by a friendly lady that took him into her home and adopted him. She still supports the orphanage to this day, her name is Jane Nassuna. This opportunity inspired him to work his way through to higher education and then return to the streets and give the streets kids a chance in life, much as Jane had done for him.

When the funds the children were counting on suddenly stopped in July 2014, Russell and Gabrielle Crump took on the challenge, on their personal funds at first. They built Chances for Children as a project that had been dreamed about for some years.

The dream is to support these children in a self-subsistent manner, so that come what may, they would own their home, school, farm and farm animals and continue living and learning decently.


Martin Male


Martin runs the operations on an everyday basis on the ground in Uganda. He manages the daily expenses, making sure the school is running correctly, that there is sufficient food, water and everything that the children need. He also supervises the running of the farm and the workers that cultivate the crops. Thanks to the support from our donors and friends, Martin now has the exciting task of sourcing land to purchase and build a new campus. He will oversee the project management onsight, ensuring that the construction of the new campus runs smoothly. Martin also manages relations with local government officials and social workers.

Gabrielle Crump


Gabrielle is c4c's lead fundraiser and champion. With a solid background in marketing and sales, she works tirelessly to promote c4c, raising awareness and organising fundraising events, such as ‘Raise the Roof in April (20K euros raised) and Chill for Charity events. She has also helped to build the website and launch the ‘Sponsor a Child program.

Gabrielle is the primary link between our European base and Uganda, liaising with Martin on fund management and cash flow, which can be something of a challenge!

Russell Crump


Russell has an advisory role in managing operations. He assists Gabrielle and Martin in deciding where best to invest donations. Russell also manages relationships with larger sponsors, raising awareness for the charity in the Middle East and on an international scale.

Amanda Gallagher


Amanda has the toughest job of all! She produces annual accounts for both our Monaco and Ugandan operations. Amanda has already implemented a system which enables Martin to create essential financial reports, as well as budgets for forward planning- as much as we can with limited cashflow! Amanda is affectionately known as our ‘financial nurse’, as she softens each financial hurdle with her fantastic South African sense of humour and pragmatic approach. She never fails to find an apt solution!