Nothing we achieve would happen without the priceless support of our sponsors. Here below read what they have to say about us and our work.

“Chance for Children has made our sponsorship experience very personal and very special. From the very begining of our sponsorship we received a letter thanking us, encouraging us to communicate with the kids and is helping us to build a real relationship with them.

We are sponsoring four children, we love supporting children and feel everyone on this earth should have a heart to help and give to each other.”

Anissa & John June 27, 2017

“One of the great things about supporting the team at Chances for Children is the fact that money donated takes a direct route to where it is needed”

Ben June 27, 2017

“What Gabrielle and Russell have done and continue to do for these Children really touched my heart. So much so that i have taken it upon myself to try and help raise money for C4C by taking part in an Ironman this year in aid of the charity and have people sponsor me. There can be no greater good in this world than helping the lives of vulnerable, impoverished and orphaned Children.”

Cassidy W June 27, 2017

“We are very happy and pleased with the amazing hard work C4C are doing to help all the children at the orphanage.

We have sponsored a little boy named Constant and have great delight in receiving updated school reports, drawings and photos of him as he continues to grow and thrive under this wonderful, caring organisation.

C4C are a trusted team of dedicated, kind people whom we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others who are considering helping a child or children.

Every child counts and we can help them have a second chance in life.”

Lucy and Patrick C June 27, 2017

“The kids at ‘Chances for Children’ are so lucky to have Gabrielle and Martin as their parents. It’s a wonderful family, well run and loved by two very passionate individuals. All those involved in the upbringing of these fabulous kids should be proud of their achievements and progress.”

Lisa D. June 27, 2017