Meet our Kids

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    Date of Birth: April 13th, 2003 Sex: Female Joined: May 10th 2013 HOPE is one of C4C brightest stars. She excels in class and has excellent grades in all subjects. Martin met her several times whilst distributing food in the Williams area of Kampala. After several meetings Martin followed her back to where she stayed […]

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    Date of Birth: 30th April 2007 Sex: Male Joined: 20th January 2014 DAVID was rescued from Hoima Road, Kampala near the Lubigi swamp, eating mangos, he was holding a big black bag full of scrap. This was his way of making a small amount of money to survive when sleeping rough, he would sell it […]

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    Date of Birth: 15th July 2008 Sex: Female Joined: 8th December 2014 Winnie is a friendly and helpful little soul. She enjoys writing, colouring and playing hide and seek, and wants to be an artist when she grows up. She doesn’t know her story but we knew her mother before she sadly died of HIV, […]

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    Date of Birth: 6th September 2008 Sex: Male Joined: 18thMarch, 2012 RAHMAN MUKISA comes from Nansana, an area of Kampala, which is where C4C had their first home. He always used to come to the orphanage at lunch times, and never wanted to go home. Martin became concerned and wanted to find out where this […]

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    Date of Birth: 11th March 2006 Sex: Female Joined: 8th December 2013 Macy’s father passed away leaving her and her sister Nambalirwa, in the care of their mother. The mother remarried a man that already had many children. Most stepchildren are not treated well in Uganda and unfortunately become outcasts by the new stepparents. The […]

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    Date of Birth: 2008 UnKnown Sex: Female Joined: September 30th 2012 KIRAGA (her Nickname is Masie) Was found in the slums whilst Martin was distributing Food. According to the people in the slums her mother was taken to prison and Kiraga was dumped in the slums. She has been with us since the age of […]

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    Date of Birth: 11th April 2008 Sex: Male Joined: 20th December 2013 Constant is a lovely little boy, he loves playing football with Victor. Martin found him in the Kisenyi slums when he was handing out food to the homeless. We don’t have a long story about Constant because we don’t know exactly where he […]

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    Date of Birth: 18th July, 2016 Sex: Female Joined: 20thFebruary 2014 Vivian used to work with her mother cooking porridge for workers on the streets as a young girl. She helped her mother to serve customers, and many drunk men would bother her at night on the streets. Vivian’s mother found out about C4C and […]

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    Date of Birth: 13th April, 2009 Sex: Male Joined: 20th February 2012 Victor was brought to C4C in mid-February 2012 by an elderly lady and man on a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) who claimed to have rescued him. Victor looked a lot like the boda boda driver but he was very quick to deny that […]

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    Date of Birth: 14th October, 2009 Sex: Male Joined: 18th November 2014 Both of Trasol’s parents died of HIV and he was brought up by his aunt who was earning a living as a prostitute in Kampala. This lady was very open and when she came to our office, told us that they didn’t have […]


    Date of Birth: December 24th, 2009 Sex: Male Joined: April 30th, 2013 Majid is one of the many AIDS orphans in Uganda his mother died from HIV/AIDS. Before she died the HIV/AIDS went to her brain and she became schizophrenic. Her grandmother also suffered from HIV/AIDS and was severely bedridden most of the time. She […]

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    Date of Birth: 23rd November 2009 Sex: Male Joined: 4th February 2013 JUNIOR is a very loving boy. Martin first found out about him from someone at an organization called Devine Touch. We were told that his mother had died sometime after giving birth to him and there was no one capable of caring for […]

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    Date of Birth: 6th September 2009 Sex: Male Joined: 10th August 2013 The location of David’s’ father is unknown. Eric’s mother didn’t care for him so he had to go to live with the grandmother in the hope of being cared for. The grandmother was not physically or financially able to care for him so […]

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    Date of Birth: May 16th 2009 Sex: Female Joined: Jan 26th 2014 Claire arrived at the orphanage in a rather unorthodox fashion. She was found one morning outside the orphanage gates. When asked what she was doing she said she was waiting for her aunty to return and pick her up. So we invited her […]


    Date of Birth: 2nd January 2010 Sex: Female Trisha is a jolly girl who doesn’t have an easy story. Her mother is a diagnosed psychiatric case, and a drug dealer made her pregnant and left her there on the streets. She was brought up by an organization called Mercy Link in Jinja (a suburb of […]

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    Date of Birth: 3rd November 2010 Sex: Female Joined: 29th October 2014 Maria Namagembe is the child of a young adolescent girl that was raped by a lunatic man in a slum called Kosovo of the village Lusaze. Her mother got infected with HIV Aids and died. Maria was severely psychologically affected. Maria has been […]

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    Date of Birth: August 19th, 2010 Sex: Male Joined: March 30th, 2014 LATIF’s Mother had a very complicated pregnancy and died soon after Latif was born. His father was a truck driver and was unable to take care of a one-day old child so he gave little Latif to his sister. Latif lived with his […]

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    Date of birth Unknown 2009 Sex: Male Joined August 2014 We know IBRA was born in 2009 but we are not sure of the date due to his circumstances. He came to us through a police friend called Afande Muhumuza who was familiar with him at the police station in Kakiri. One day Ibra’s mother […]

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    Date of Birth: 7th March, 2011 Sex: Female Joined: 20th January 2014 Both of Shirat’s parents passed away from HIV leaving her uncle to take care of her. The uncle was not physically or financially able to take care of her. So one day this poor uncle decided to go to Wadegeya Mosque to ask […]

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    Date of Birth: 16th March 2011 Sex: Male Joined: 6th November 2014 Both of Saul’s parents have passed away. His mother died after giving birth to him and in 2012 his father died leaving Saul with his uncle. The uncle was not physically or financially able to take care of him, and he was brought […]

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    Date of Birth: 21st December 2012 Sex: Male Joined: 22th December 2012 Whoody…We call him the miracle boy. Whoody was left at the hospital after birth, his mother just left the boy in a small bed sheet and she ran away. Martin can remember that day he went Kawempe Hospital as he did to see […]

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    Date of Birth: 21st May 2012 Sex: Female Joined: February 2014 Shirat came to C4C as a very scared little baby. Her mother was a teenager when she became pregnant and was living with her mother. Nothing is known about Shirat’s father, due to the fact that her mother didn’t want to disclose any information […]

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    Date of Birth: 13th April 2010 Sex: Male Joined: 3rd January 2014 When Abdul’s mother was three months pregnant she had a really bad fall and injured herself. She was taken to the hospital where she stayed for treatment for a month. She returned home and when the pregnancy was full term she went into […]

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    Date of Birth: 13th December 2012 Sex: Male Joined: 20th February 2013 Apuuli lost his mother when he was just one month old. She was involved in a road accident and died instantly. Apuuli was handed over to his uncle who didn’t take proper care of him. Apuuli was near death with malnutrition when he […]