Marta and Edu our fabulous volunteers

Flashback to last year when we have lovely Martha and Edu from Barcelona volunteers with us! They fell in love with the children and are coming back this August for 2 weeks to bring a loads of books they have raised money for, we are very lucky indeed.

We are planning to build volunteers accommodation in our new campus so that our visitors are well looked after and can spend as much time as they can sharing this love with the children! #dirtyfeet#messyhair #sparklingeyes 

Happy International Womens day!

This is a big shoutout to all the fabulous ladies that make this ‘family’ run every day of the year. All these girls are growing up to be fierce,fearless, determined young ladies!! Thanks to all the women that make our organization run like Mummy Jane, Amanda, Alexia, Martha, Aunts Anna and Maureen, Jemima, Sharon and Jackie. And a big shoutout to the sponsors and supporters that are giving us so much help to keep build these children’s futures. EVERY SINGLE DAY. 👭👭👭👭👭👭👭