How we spend our sponsorship funds


Did you ever wonder how our sponsorship funds are spent? Excluding school fees, our budget is 4400€/ month and this is how we spend it! We like to show 100% transparency and will show our accounts to anyone who asks. We have a team of 3 long suffering volunteers handling the accounts in Europe and […]

A letter from Uncle Dominic


We’d just like to share these lovely photos with you as they made our day! Here is little Latif with a letter from his sponsor Dominic O’Nions. He was also really happy to see a photo of him and his family and know there are ‘real’ people to whom he writes regularly and who follow […]

Marta and Edu our fabulous volunteers

Flashback to last year when we have lovely Martha and Edu from Barcelona volunteers with us! They fell in love with the children and are coming back this August for 2 weeks to bring a loads of books they have raised money for, we are very lucky indeed.

We are planning to build volunteers accommodation in our new campus so that our visitors are well looked after and can spend as much time as they can sharing this love with the children! #dirtyfeet#messyhair #sparklingeyes 

Daddy Martin’s Birthday hugs!

Last weekend it was Daddy Martins birthday! He was so happy to come back to a surprise of cake, home made chips, and party hats and balloons as well as a gift from Auntie Gabs and Uncle Russell and various birthday letters that the children wrote too!  

A great Easter performance

  Happy Easter to everyone around the world from Chances for Children! Our children were very happy to enjoy a special meal of plantain banana, chicken rice and beef today! They had an busy afternoon performing at the children’s Park for the Easter celebrations!

Feasibility studies!


    This morning the feasibility studies started for our campus! This feels like the first day of a very exciting new journey as we start working with Teach a Man to Fish and Orkid studios. This morning the guys from these companies, Martin and Gabrielle had a video call to explain their goals, objectives […]