Abdu Zziwa

Date of Birth: 11th April 2012

Sex: Male

Joined: 23rd November 2014

Sponsored: No

The local government council (Lc1) called C4C on Nov. 23, 2014 about a baby boy who was abandoned in a bar at the Namungona trading center in Kampala on Nov. 18th.  According to the biological father his wife ran off with another man and did not look back.  Abdul’s father was looking for a place where his son would be safe whilst he figured out what to do. The small boy was staying at the local government chairman’s place for a while. His father was a drunkard, and his body was found on the road side dead smelling of alcohol and covered in blood.

Right now Abdul is at the top class, he loves painting and we are looking forward for really good grades once he joins primary school. Abdul is a reserved boy and can often be found hiding away quietly playing with his friends.

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  1. Simone Ben Sadoun September 13, 2020 Reply

    Hello, I am interested in sponsoring Abdu. Can I please have the information regarding the process.
    I am a friend of Nadja Auletta in Monaco who is also a sponsor with your foundation.
    Kind Regards
    Simone Bensadoun

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