Date of Birth: 13th April 2010

Sex: Male

Joined: 3rd January 2014

When Abdul’s mother was three months pregnant she had a really bad fall and injured herself. She was taken to the hospital where she stayed for treatment for a month. She returned home and when the pregnancy was full term she went into labour but the doctors told her she would not be able to give birth naturally. She had an emergency C section. She died during childbirth and didn’t get to meet her beautiful baby boy.

Baby Abdul’s father was a peasant farmer who grew up as an orphan. Usually in such cases the grandmother takes over the responsibility. Abdu’s father had a heart attack and died in December 2013. This time through our community outreach programs, Martin met this grandmother who was blind and close to death, she told him the whole story of her grandson Abdul. From this time Abdul was admitted to the C4C family. His grandmother passed on in 2015 June.

Abdul trysreally hard in class, he can read and respond back to the teacher well. He likes to hang out with his friends at the orphanage.

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