Date of Birth: 17th May 2004

Sex: Male

Joined: 9th Feb 2014

Martin found Daniel on the streets in early 2014.

He is a simple quiet boy, he loves being in a group of other kids of a similar age, we think he is around 12 years old.

His past story is a mystery as we didn’t get a chance to meet anyone who knew him. When asked, he says that he never knew his mother or father. When asked how he ended up on the streets, he says that he was being mistreated by the people that he lived with. When Martin tried to find out where he had been living and to see if he could integrate him back into the family, he just won’t open up. He then keeps his distance for several days as he doesn’t want to speak about his past.

He used to just wonder the streets scrounging through bins for food and begging.

His grades are still poor as he hasn’t been with C4C for as long as many of the others and we aren’t sure if he ever went to school before. We are working hard to help him to improve his English too.

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