Date of Birth: 30th April 2007

Sex: Male

Joined: 20th January 2014

DAVID was rescued from Hoima Road, Kampala near the Lubigi swamp, eating mangos, he was holding a big black bag full of scrap.

This was his way of making a small amount of money to survive when sleeping rough, he would sell it to make money to eat. He would sleep with the rest of the kids in a group that also did the same for some protection, but Martin found him and took him into C4C to give him safety, 3 meals a day, love, education and a future.

He’s not a fan of having his head in the books, although he is a very active boy. We think he might become a sports teacher when he grows up! He likes playing hide and seek with the girls and is always full of energy. He always has a smile on his face.

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