Date of Birth: 13th April 2006

Sex: Female

Joined: 22nd May 2013

ESTHER came to Martin in the night at around 9pm and she wanted to sell to him cooked corn in a cone (this is often sold on the streets of Kampala). Martin told her that he didn’t want to buy any, but she begged him to give her a 100 shilling coin (2 cents) so that she could buy drinking water. Martin asked her name and she said it was Esther, then he asked why she was selling corn and not at school. She told him that she could not afford to go to school and lived with her aged grandmother who couldn’t afford to support her. Then he asked her how much the whole corn on the cob cost, she said it was 5000 shillings (around 2 Euros). Martin told her that he would buy them all if she would allow him to visit her where she was living, so he could check out the state of the living conditions, which turned out to be very poor. She was admitted to C4C as Martin decided it was a better idea for her to be taken proper care of and her grandmother was very relieved. Her grandmother died shortly afterwards.

This was the beginning of our relationship with Esther. She now happily goes to school. She’s an active girl and she performs well in class. She likes playing and she communicates nicely with other children at the orphanage.

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