Date of Birth: 27th July 2009

Sex: Male

Joined: Early 2013

GODWIN’s mother faced mental problems after his birth and never breastfed him. They lived on an island on Lake Victoria where most inhabitants are HIV positive. Godwin’s father was positive and died first, then later his mother fell ill too and died.

Due to his mother not being able to care for him, he was staying with his grandmother but she could not care for him, as she was old and poor. He was starving and severely malnourished. Someone noticed him and told Isaac who was then our Program Director about him, and he was admitted to C4C. Unfortunately 1 year later, his grandmother passed away as well.

Godwin is now growing, healthy young boy. He loves his photo being taken and always grins for the camera. Godwin nicknamed himself ‘Rasta’ and thinks that he is every other boy’s twin!

Whenever he is playing with Abdu (another boy at the home) he says that the twins are playing, referring to himself and Abdu. Whenever it’s prayer time and Jane the house mother is still busy with a few chores, he will say to her, “Mum go sing. It’s time for devotion”.

Godwin has learnt how to socialize with other kids in the home, he likes playing football, and tends to be a little shy when talking to older people. He loves school and he’s one of the most promising children at C4C. His grades keep rising, we need to keep a close eye on him. Godwin says he wants to be a singer when he grows up.

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