Date of birth Unknown 2009

Sex: Male

Joined August 2014

We know IBRA was born in 2009 but we are not sure of the date due to his circumstances.

He came to us through a police friend called Afande Muhumuza who was familiar with him at the police station in Kakiri. One day Ibra’s mother left him at home to go and watch a TV program at a nearby hair salon which had a small TV. His mother left Ibra in the house with a small lantern (Tadooba in Luganda the local language). It is suspected that a rat must have knocked over the lantern hence causing a fire to break out in the house. Ibra was saved by a neighbor who smelt smoke and quickly went into the house and rescued him. His mother ran away after hearing what had happened as she feared being arrested and we have had no news from her since. Ibra has been with us since August 2014.

When little Ibra arrived at C4C he used to cry for his mother. Now he is fully integrated into the life at the Orphanage and is very happy with his life and his extended family. He has boundless energy and a zest for all sports which is a good thing as his academic work is on the poor side.

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