Date of Birth: September 20th, 2007

Sex: Male

Joined: July 5th, 2012

Ibrah used to sit in the same place every day begging for food wearing just a pair of dirty old shorts.

Martin observed him for several days whilst passing by until one day in the absence of money Martin gave him a T-Shirt to wear to protect him. After a couple of days, Martin passed by to see how he was getting on and found him without his t-shirt. When asked where his t-shirt had gone Ibrah just cried so malnourished he was fading away. So, Martin took him to the local takeaway and feed him, Ibrah ate like a Gannet and this was the point when we decided to take him in and give him a home.

Ibrah is a very happy little soul now and enjoys three square meals a day. He goes to school and try’s his best. He has proved to be a slow learner but has excelled in painting and singing.

He has integrated well in the orphanage and plays well with the other children.

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