Date of Birth: 7th March, 2011

Sex: Female

Joined: 20th January 2014

Both of Shirat’s parents passed away from HIV leaving her uncle to take care of her. The uncle was not physically or financially able to take care of her. So one day this poor uncle decided to go to Wadegeya Mosque to ask for help with the child, but the Mosque didn’t have a facility to look after children, so when the uncle discovered that there was totally no help he could get from them, he just asked them to look after little Shirat for a few minutes whilst he made a phone call. He never came back. So when Martin’s adopted mother Jane went to pray at the mosque, she learnt about this girl and eventually Martin agreed to take Shirat in. She’s reserved and behaves well in class, she likes sharing her pencils and books with Whoody, a little boy of a similar age, and they have become close companions.

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