Date of Birth:            February 10th 2005

Sex:                                         Female

Joined:                                   December 20th 2011

Kauthara was one of the strongest kids on the street. Each time Martin went to the slums to hand out food as part of the outreach program, she would organize the other kids to stand in a straight line and make sure they were polite, and thankful for their food. We don’t have a huge amount of information about her as we rescued her from the streets, and she doesn’t seem to remember or know anything about her family as Martin thinks she was abandoned at a very early age but she has a very strong survival spirit.

She enjoys singing and eating. She is humble and quiet but can be very stubborn at times. She has certain favorite clothes and other clothes she refuses to wear! She would be sad if forced her wear other outfits, we think it’s her way of standing up for her identity. She loves to be feminine and play with the other girls, always with a huge smile and a big heart. She loves her friends and playing with others. She also performs highly at school, because she loves reading and writing.

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