Date of Birth: 11th March 2006

Sex: Female

Joined: 8th December 2013

Macy’s father passed away leaving her and her sister Nambalirwa, in the care of their mother. The mother remarried a man that already had many children. Most stepchildren are not treated well in Uganda and unfortunately become outcasts by the new stepparents. The stepfather said he couldn’t care for the girls financially or physically because he had many others to take care of first. Their mother, therefore, decided to take her children to a local church in town, and the church contacted an organization that took them into care.

Unfortunately, this organization was shut down because of financial issues and due to other unforeseen reasons. At this point, they contacted Martin and asked him to take the children in so they wouldn’t have to go back to the bad conditions and an uncertain future. C4C agreed to accept Nabwami and her sister Nambalirwa. They do most things together, they love sharing everything and they’re jolly children. Macy’s school performance is slowly improving as she tries really hard and loves to study.

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