Date of Birth: December 24th, 2009

Sex: Male

Joined: April 30th, 2013

Majid is one of the many AIDS orphans in Uganda his mother died from HIV/AIDS. Before she died the HIV/AIDS went to her brain and she became schizophrenic. Her grandmother also suffered from HIV/AIDS and was severely bedridden most of the time. She could not keep Majid because she could not provide for him at all. A neighbour was helping to buy milk for him but could not continue to help out anymore. C4C found Majid through our community outreaches where we used to visit the older people in the villages and took him in. There is no information about his father.

Majid is growing up fast He likes to play with trucks and always smiles for photos! He likes playing with others as well, so it was easy for him to socialize with the rest of the family members. He’s a slow learner, but at the moment he can count up to 50 and can write the alphabet.

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