Date of Birth: July 9th, 2006

Sex: Female

Joined: September28th 2012

Melisa came to us through Jane Nassuna, Martins adopted mother. Jane knew her mother who had been a widow for 6 months. They contacted Jane for help, shortly afterwards Jane applied for Melisa to be admitted to C4C. Her mother was unable to take care of her and wanted her to be looked after and safe. Four months after Melisa joined C4C, her mother died.

Melisa is a clever girl and likes to try and speak English. She likes reading and she has very good handwriting, her best friend was Juliet who recently passed away with AIDS. Pinna is also her good friend since Juliet no longer with us. When you ask her what she wants to do in life she says she would like to fly all around the world visiting different places. Her dream is to become a pilot. Her school grades are great and she strives at every opportunity.

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  1. Raheem Hamid September 28, 2020 Reply

    I wish her success in the journey of her life.

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