Date of Birth: 3rd October 2006

Sex: Male

Joined: 15th February 2013

Peter’s mother was raped and had a little girl, she then went to live with an ‘aunt’ who insisted she paid her way by sleeping with a man that she knew.

Peter’s mother and this man then had Peter, but eventually he grew tired of supporting the mother and didn’t want her anymore. She then ended up staying with another ‘aunt’. The uncle told her, when the aunt wasn’t around, that if she wanted to stay she would have to sleep with him when he wanted. She left with little Peter and found C4C. She asked Martin for a job and because of her sad story, he agreed that she could be a caretaker . Peter joined the home at that point as a very small boy. When Peter was almost 6 years old, his mother decided to leave C4C and abandoned him there. We have no idea where the mother is.

Peter is a sweet little boy, he is content to sit and draw imaginative pictures. He’s hard working and his results are promising, he gets on well with his friends and doesn’t like to get involved in any sort of conflict.

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