Date of Birth: 16th November 2003

Sex: Female

PINNA NAKKU is a very young active girl who Martin rescued straight from the slums of Kisenyi in Kampala. She was a leader in the slum community and she already had a boyfriend at her tender age. The girls in the slums tend to spend time with boys to get lifts around town and to go to other neighborhoods to steal people’s belongings to survive.

Pinna is a changed girl now and she was nominated a class prefect at school, which is a wonderful step, and really very encouraging! Pinna came from the North of Uganda and says that she came to Kampala with her sister from one of the camps in Gulu. Her sister died on the streets while giving birth as she had been raped.

She has a leadership character in her, she mixes with the other children a lot and mostly likes helping the little ones. Her academic performance is very good, although she struggles with her English and she practices it regularly at the orphanage outside class hours.

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