Date of Birth: 6th September 2008

Sex: Male

Joined: 18thMarch, 2012

RAHMAN MUKISA comes from Nansana, an area of Kampala, which is where C4C had their first home. He always used to come to the orphanage at lunch times, and never wanted to go home.

Martin became concerned and wanted to find out where this boy was from and why he always went back so late. When we asked this boy to take Martin to where he lived, he took him to a place where charcoal was sold, and he explained that he didn’t have a home, that’s why he slept there. He asked him where the parents were and why he lived here. He always said that his parents were in a village but when questioned he didn’t have any more information… He preferred sleeping in this charcoal shop.

Martin reported this to the Police and said that he would take him into C4C, we still have this Police statement today. He is a simple boy and likes playing with the others, reading storybooks. He’s trying hard improve his grades.

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