Date of Birth: 2nd August 2006

Sex : Male

Joined: 20th October 2015

RAMATHAN is one of our newest children to join the orphanage, his mother died in 2015 and he has a sister who is also with C4C. They didn’t have anywhere to go after their mother’s burial as their father had remarried and abandoned the children, so the authorities asked if we could take them.

As the Monaco team was visiting near this time, we agreed to admit these 2 siblings, their feet were very damaged, but thankfully now they’re really growing into healthy determined children. They sang a song for the Monaco team when we visited, and it was obvious they wanted to prove that they wanted us to look after them and keep them safe, they were singing for their livelihoods!

He has integrated school well and his grades are improving steadily as is his participation in class. His strongest subject is Luganda, the local language. He also enjoys playing football and interacts well with the others, he has really found his place with C4C. He always has a big smile on his face, happy to have been able to grow up with this sister.

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