Date of Birth: 21st May 2012

Sex: Female

Joined: February 2014

Shirat came to C4C as a very scared little baby. Her mother was a teenager when she became pregnant and was living with her mother. Nothing is known about Shirat’s father, due to the fact that her mother didn’t want to disclose any information about him. Her maternal grandmother said that Shirat’s mother had to go back to school and that she could not keep the baby. For a woman to find and maintain a good job in Uganda, it is almost mandatory that she has a high school degree. The grandmother believed that education was the only way that a girl can make any money or succeed, so, Shirat had to go. Her grandmother had so many other abandoned children living with her that she just couldn’t financially nor physically could take care of Shirat. She believed that giving up Shirat would be the best thing for the baby and for her daughter. When she first arrived at C4C, Shirat cried constantly and just wanted to be held. She struggled to sleep at night and didn’t like to be left alone.

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