Date of Birth: December 20, 2007

Sex: Female

Joined: January 19th 2012

Swabur was approximately 3 years old when she entered C4C, she comes from a very abusive home. Her father was a very big, tall man who abused Swabur’s mother and her brother. Her mother worked very hard in the gardens growing food to earn money for her family however his father sold the food and kept the profit for himself. Sawabur’s mother used to take her with her to the gardens while she worked and left her sitting by herself all day. Some days she would leave her at home in the care of the older children. Swabur’s mother wanted to find a job to escape from the father. When her husband found out, he started suspecting her of having another relationship, so one day when she came home from the market, the husband hit her to death using a pan, he felt so much guilt so committed suicide. The children were left in local council office’s hands at this point, she

was the youngest and still so little, her brother and sister were taken away but nobody wanted to look after her. At this point Martin decided to take her in.

She was loved and sponsored by a lady called Barbara who came and visited her, but sponsorship stopped because Barbara was a student from Spain and didn’t have enough money to continue with the sponsorship, so she was once again abandoned.

Swabur is growing up fast and has a contagious laugh. However she isolates herself due to lack of confidence, she loves singing to herself.

Her academic performance is still poor, but she has the interest to learn and also likes reading books, so we hope for better results with time.

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