Date of Birth: 30th January 2005

Sex: Male

Joined: 10th/Dec / 2011

TERRY MUKISA is a humble boy that doesn’t have a very long story to tell.

In 2011, Martin was paying her mother to do the children’s’ laundry at the orphanage once a week.

She always came with her son and he played with other the kids as she was washing the clothes by hand. Terry was part of the group by then but one day, this lady came to work and she also had a small black bag which Martin didn’t really notice.

These turned out to be Terry’s possessions and she left little Terry at the orphanage and never came back. We don’t know where she went because Terry was too young to lead us anywhere. Martin kept expecting a family member to come back to collect him but nobody ever did. Terry never stopped crying for his mother until last year when we moved to a better house and he loves it so much now, Martin is convinced that he sees it as a better life than he had before.

Terry doesn’t know anything about his father and he has never seen him. He’s a clever lad that excels at school, he’s very co-operative and good natured with the other children too.

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