Date of Birth: December 23rd, 2006

Sex: Male

Joined: May 2nd, 2012

VALENCE ZIWA’s mother passed away around October 20th 2010. His father was a drunk and didn’t look after Val or his mother. He was trying to starve Valence so he did not have to worry about feeding him. An elderly lady that lived nearby took Val in temporarily hoping to find another home for him where he would be cared for. She was given some food by some well-wishers in the village but she could not afford to continue taking care of him for very long, and C4C admitted Valence at the point of 2014. At first, he cried constantly and was very sad but he is now a very happy boy. We are so pleased to have been able to give him the love and care that he needed with us at C4C and that he recovered quickly.

He performs well in class and his grades are promising. We believe that with much effort added into his education, he will bring us good grades and results.

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