Date of Birth: 13th April, 2009

Sex: Male

Joined: 20th February 2012

Victor was brought to C4C in mid-February 2012 by an elderly lady and man on a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) who claimed to have rescued him. Victor looked a lot like the boda boda driver but he was very quick to deny that he was not the father. They were both so desperate to get rid of this little chap. It broke our heart to see. Martin gave the old woman the option of looking after Victor and we would support her to care for him, but she just wanted to be free of him. He had so many thorns stuck in his feet but we dug all of them out and he recovered. Martin was convinced that the man was the father and decided he didn’t want to care for him anymore, which made him extremely upset as the boy was treated as a reject. Martin took him in and made sure he was loved at C4C, and will continue to do so. Victor works hard at school and very sociable with other at home, he is good at football and loves to dance too.

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