Date of Birth: 21st December 2012

Sex: Male

Joined: 22th December 2012

Whoody…We call him the miracle boy. Whoody was left at the hospital after birth, his mother just left the boy in a small bed sheet and she ran away. Martin can remember that day he went Kawempe Hospital as he did to see if he could offer help (children are often left there). He used to cook porridge and put it i to jars then go serve it to poor sick people in the hospitals. (Nothing is provided in hospitals for free in Uganda and many actually die from starvation.) At this time the hospital was searching for a baby’s home to take him and the police were trying to track his mother down.

As no solution was found, we took this child into Jane’s (Martins adopted mother) house where he lived from then on. Whoody’s mother has never been heard of since, nobody knows her or what she looks like. Whoody thinks Jane is his mother, yet Jane also has her own family and kids to bring up in her home. He lives at C4C orphanage now.

Martin named this boy Whoody because he didn’t know who he is and where or the family he’s from, so he derived his name from the word ‘who’!

He is a very lively and determined with heaps of imagination. He needs plenty of discipline, but he’s terribly cute too! He’s the only child we have a birth certificate for as we saved him from the hospital. He loves the camera and considers himself as the orphanage mascot! He likes writing on everything he can find, he doesn’t like sitting down for long, he’s a ball of energy.

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