Date of Birth: 13th June, 2015

Sex: Male

Joined: 10th September, 2015

Martin rescued William in the slums the day after he had helped with a Christmas party for street children. After the party in the evening when each child was meant to go back to whichever street they slept on, William came and whispered to him ‘Uncle Martin, please take me home with you, Uncle, I can see it’s going to rain today and I have nothing to cover myself tonight, all my cardboard boxes were stolen, please help me, I’m tired of living on the streets.’

This reminded Martin of his years on the streets and the struggles that he had endured. He gave him a hug and told him to walk back with him. He asked him how he ended up on the streets and he said that he was with his old brother, but his brother was arrested by police and he never saw him again.

William is an orphan who doesn’t seem to remember anything about his past but he talks about coming from a village called Kabelamaido, far away in the Northern Uganda.

We have taken care of him at C4C and he is an obedient, humble boy. He is a good listener although he can be quite stubborn. William likes studying and reading, his grades are still poor, but he’s trying really hard to improve

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