Date of Birth: July 12th 2007

Sex: Female

Joined: August 19th 2012

ZAINA’S Dad ran away from her Mom as soon as he realized she was pregnant. He did not want to deal with the burden of caring for a child. So Nakato’s mother worked at the steel rolling Mill. She could barely feed her child and give her basic needs. Sadly one day whilst coming home Zainas mother was involved in a bad accident and broke her back and died soon afterwards. We learnt about this story from our hospital outreach work who found the mother on her death bed and she told us the whole story, she requested us to take care of her daughter which we agreed with and she now happily living with C4C.

Zaina is shy at first but once she gets to know you she is very chatty. She enjoys playing with her friends and strives to get better grades at school. Her school reports are consistently improving.

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